About PARK

Welcome to PARK! Would you like to establish your own company? We are here for you! We are a growing community of companies and freelancers that work in fields such as bio-economy, VR/AR content, game development and design. We are home to a digital workshop showroom and Norway’s largest motion capture studio

In the old premises known as “Midtbyen Park” in the center of Hamar,  6000 m2 have been converted to a co-working community for entrepreneurs, businesses and students. It’s now a flexible, open creative work and meeting place for startups and established companies. 

The goal is to create an open entrepreneur and business house with technology at the core.  We encourage collaboration across industries and backgrounds. The purpose is to increase business activity, skills, attractiveness and innovation.

At PARK, you can find a large number of tech businesses, particularly within the field of game development and augmented and virtual reality (AR & VR). We are actively seeking entrepreneurs with a background in experience production.

The entrepreneur and business house is open for all during the day (00:07 – 16:00 GMT+1). You can also reserve a desk in the co-working space. Come visit us anytime at Grønegata 83 in Hamar center. 

Supporters of PARK include Løten, Hamar, Stange and companies based in the Hamar Region.

How PARK can help you

We are available to help you to:

  • Establish your own business
  • Contact professionals
  • Arrange office spaces for you and/or your business
  • Facilitate opportunities for networking and help arrange meeting spaces
  • Contact Innovation Norway and/or other support organizations


This is just a sample of the many ways we can support you at PARK. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about setting up a company, reserving office space  or relocating to Hamar. 

Moving here? Then you should visit hamarregionen.net


PARK is home to a number of dynamic, growing companies of all sizes. as well as professionals from educational institutions and the public sector. Below are some of our tenants: